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Richard Birger — Welcome to my site, Quadriga Images.

     I've been using photography as a way to express my reactions to the natural and man made world for some time. It started many years ago when I needed to complete some required humanities courses at the University of Minnesota. Film was the medium and I spent many hours in the U's darkroom truly fascinated at what could be done with light through a lens, special paper, and chemicals.

     After college film and cameras were put aside as career and family became my "focus". We moved around the country a lot and except for some minor work related to recording of land management tools and effects on 35mm Kodachrome slides, I didn't do any "serious photography" for several years. The advent of digital photography brought me back to the fascination I’d experienced before.

     I find that using the modern tools of digital sensors, Mac computers, and ever-changing software lets me substantially create the same sensations I feel when witnessing a scene in the real world. I see my role as photographer is to record, but beyond that to interpret.

     To interpret the dynamic world in a static image I use digital photography as a technique. These images all begin as realistic recordings of moments in time. In some instances they have been digitally augmented, not to casually revise or misrepresent but rather to better express some of the reaction or moods I experienced when viewing the scene.

  I’m  attempting to achieve within my audience what some may consider a rather modest reaction to my images; but if the viewer comes a way with a – “well that’s really neat” – reaction I’ll consider myself successful.

Please contact me 

e-mail:     quadrigaimages@icloud.com

phone:     (651) 243-0206